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Activity Statistics And Reports

Get all the statistics and reports for the activities performed with your accounts, which can help you for better analysis of your marketing strategies.

Auto Accept/Cancel Friend Requests

Save huge time with auto accept/cancel friend requests along with the powerful filters to only keep friends interested in your niche.

Auto Account Unlock

Automated account unlocks to keep your activities going on even while you sleep.

Auto Engage with Likes and Comments

Auto engage with your audience, by liking/commenting on their posts. You can automate engaging at multiple places like your timeline, friends timeline, groups, pages, etc. to reach lot more traffic with little efforts.

Auto Like Websites

Increase likes to your own/customers websites with simple automation and your bulk facebook accounts, gaining boost for SEO efforts.

Auto Post/Share Content In Your Groups

Boost your traffic and posts visibility by auto sharing them with the targeted audience in your joined groups.

Auto Publish Content from RSS Feeds

Schedule content to be automatically posted with RSS Feeds, saving your time in scheduling each post manually and giving you more power to boost your marketing efforts.

Auto Reply to new messages

No more feeling of talking to a bot by your friends, automate replies to every new message you get, and make them feel they are with a real human.

Auto Scheduling

Schedule almost every action you perform on Facebook to save immense of time, and get benefit of automated data filters to only grow audience in meeting your criteria s.

Auto Send Friend Requests

Grow your audience and friends, by sending requests to people interested in your niche/product with the help of smart filters and algorithms. Enjoy helpful of search options not available with any other software available in industry today.

Auto Wish On Life Events

Never miss and opportunity to show your care and love to your friends by automating wishes on your their accomplishment and life events.

Broadcast Messages

Schedule broadcast messages to your friends over a period of time, keeping your accounts safe from any soft of restrictions.

Bump Group posts

Keep your group posts on top without irritating them by posting content repeatedly using the auto bump Group posts feature.

Efficient Account Management

Manage your multiple accounts efficiently with smart algorithms and full control over activities delays, making look natural like a human.

Events Manager

Save huge time with Socinator’s Events Manager, which gives you an ability to create and manage your events. You can also invite your friends to join.

Farm Accounts

Keep your accounts active by automatically liking posts, auto adding friends, commenting on friends wall, random update on your own wall, random like on page post & more.

Filter Support

Powerful filters to help you grow your accounts, groups and pages only with the targeted audience, increasing a chance to get higher CTR and more money.

Find Groups and Pages in your niche

Auto search and find groups and pages which you might be interested in to post your valuable content for more clicks. Comes with an ability to export all the available details for your analysis.

Full Account And Report Export

Get every info about the activities and your accounts, by simply exporting them as a CSV, which helps you to analyse and plan your strategies efficiently.

Group Notification Handler

Now no more disturbance with the flooded content from tons of groups you have joined. Socinator will turn off the notifications for you, so that you can only get the content which matters you most.

Join/Un-join Groups in your niche

Auto search and join groups in your niche, giving you more opportunity to spread your content and bring more traffic. Auto Unjoin them, if you feel no more useful.

Live Chat

Unique Socinator feature, which read and chat with your friends from the right inside of Socinator dashboard. This feature is very handy if you are building an army of multiple accounts.

Make Admins

Save time by auto make admins feature in Socinator. Select your friends or enter your custom users list, to whom you want to make admin. It can work on multiple groups with just a click.

Mass Download Images

Get viral and popular images from Facebook on your desktop, with the help of smart filters and an ability to find with your niche.

Monitor Folder Feature

Save time by mapping a folder with your images to be posted. Socinator will automatically post on your selected destination, with your pre-configured spintax supported content.

Proxy Support

Manage each of your account with its own proxy, for increased privacy and security. It also helps you to get feeds and users from your targeted location.

Reach People In your niche

Search and find people with several options like keywords, targeted groups, page likers etc and reach them by sending friend requests or DM, which helps you to boost your sales and ROI.

Schedule Auto Invite friends to groups

Auto invite your friends to groups saving your enormous time and increasing engagement in your group with your friends. Socinator can also auto accept new group members, to keep it growing even when you are sleeping.

Schedule Auto Invite friends to like pages/events

Auto invite your friends to like your pages for growing it as fast speed, you can also invite your friends to your events to be sure that you get mass audience which will make it successful.

Schedule Auto Unfriend

No more disturbance from the unwanted friends with Socinator’s Auto Unfriend feature. Schedule this activity, and clean your friend list at regular intervals, to keep growing with the right audience for your business.

Schedule Cover Photo Change

Keep your audience engaged with the catchy cover photos for your profile or page, rotate them periodically with offers etc for the maximum benefit and your business success.

Skip Unwanted Groups

Smart algorithms and filters to skip groups which are not useful for your business. This saves you from building a list of unwanted groups with no benefits.

Spintax Support

Socinator supports spintax with almost all type of content you will be sharing, posting over Facebook, saving your time from writing unique content to avoid duplication.