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Activity Statistics And Reports

View all the reports and statistics time to time for the activities performed with your accounts, which can help you for better analysis of your marketing strategies.

Auto Publish Posts

Schedule Instagram posts directly to Instagram with our Auto Publish feature, no push notifications required.

Auto Comment

Search for the interesting images in your niche and leave a comment to grow your account.

Auto Follow

Search for Instagram users in your niche and automatically follow them to grow your Instagram account and find new leads.

Auto FollowBack

Automatically Follow Back the users who follow you to develop connections and to stay in touch.

Auto Like

Get more likes and followers by automatically liking pictures targeted to your niche.

Auto Phone Verify Accounts

Don’t panic about having to phone verify your accounts ever again. Socinator will do this automatically for you when needed.

Auto Repost

Search for high-quality posts in your niche and repost them to your accounts. With this strategy, you will expand your circle of influence, by featuring other people’s photos to your feed.

Auto Unfollow

Automatically Unfollow the Instagram users who does not follow you back.

Block Followers

Followers that do not pass the filters you setup will not be able to reach out your account anymore.

Broadcast Messages

If you have an important news that you want to tell your followers, you can send a message out to all by broadcasting it.

Delete Comments

Set up this tool to automatically delete the comments that don’t harmonize your criteria. You can delete comments by keywords or usernames.

Delete Posts

Delete old pictures, videos that didn’t get legitimate engagement and keep only your high-rated posts. The Instagram marketing automation done the right way – like deleting bad performing posts – will do wonders for your account.

Download Photos

Download your favorite pictures in Instagram with zero difficulties.

Efficient Account Management

Trying to juggle multiple Instagram accounts is difficult. With this software, manage your Instagram accounts efficiently as a team.

Find And Extract Engaged Users

You can search for followers, followings, likers, or commenters of your engaged users by using various search methods (like searching based on the keywords, or hashtags and so on).

Find And Extract Hashtags

With this excellent tool you can now search for accompanying hashtags for your niche to use in your posts. Use this feature to automatically enhance your hashtags and get even more reach for your posts.

Find And Extract Targeted Users

Now find for followers, followings, likers, or commenters of your targeted users by using various search methods (like searching based on the keywords, or hashtags and so on).

Full Account And Report Export

With extensive reports and in-depth analytics, Socinator gives users insights into specific posts and their overall audience engagement. You have the full detailed reports of your Instagram account.

Like Comments

If you don’t have enough time to give a profound answer to each and every comment you get, a simple like will be enough to show your appreciation.

Live Chat

This excellent feature will let you connect with your Instagram audience in real time.

Monitor Folder Feature

Monitor Folder to auto share photos from your folders.

Proxy Support

Run each Instagram account with its own HTTP proxy for increased privacy and security.

Schedule Profile Pic Change

Just like scheduling posts, Change your Instagram profile picture at a pre – defined time.